Lula undergoes Treatment for Cancer

Dr. Colin M. Snider links to a story about Brazil’s former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva about to undergo chemotherapy treatment for laryngeal cancer diagnosed on October 28.

He will be receiving treatment from the same hospital that treated President Dilma Rousseff and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez among others. The two graphs below are from the excellent United Nations Human Development Index report site. On the left you can see Brazil’s health index in relation to the rest of the world and its progress since 1980. It’s interesting to note that although in the last twenty years Brazil has begun a rapid rise toward being a regional power, but it’s rate of progress has stayed consisted with the world rate of progress, and consistent along it’s own trajectory 1980-1990.

On the right Brazil is the brown-orange line and Venezuela is the  blue one. Unlike Brazil, Venezuela has progressed faster than the rest of the world, but began flattening out around 2000. However, although Venezuela’s progress has flattened from its previous rate, it is still converging with Brazil.

I don’t have anything to add to that by way of analysis. Brazil and Venezuela are two very different countries and state leaders can pretty much get treatment wherever they want. So it speaks highly of Brazil’s  Sirio Libanés Hospital that so many of its homegrown politicians stay there, and that other regional leaders use it as well.
All the best to Lula.

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