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Fired up for a Kindle

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Just add a little anecdotal evidence to Matt Yglesias’ point here. I never wanted an iPad. First of all, I’m not a  huge fan of the interface on Apple products. It’s a learning curve thing. I’ve always been a PC guy. Hell! Back when I was in middle school I had a subscription to DOS Magazine so I could learn neat tricks I could add to the config.sys and other parts of the OS. I loved getting my hands dirty behind the scenes, so to speak. It was urge that largely disappeared when Windows 3.1 came out and I started getting interested in different nerdy habits (Thanks AD&D for preventing me from getting that CS degree. Really dodged a bullet there. /sacrcasm.) So I know that I would get used to the environment if I decided to learn it. It’s just a transaction cost I’m avoiding for the moment. So, when it came to getting a smart phone, I never wanted the iPhone. And I found my phone inconveniently big enough that it quenched any desire for an iPad.  And I had played around with tablets back in 2006 when I was thinking of using one as my key note-taking device when I returned to school. No dice, they sucked. So again, no iPad desire for me. That changed the second I got a Kindle. And not even a Kindle Fire, mind you. As soon as I had the Kindle and realized how convenient it was to read and listen to books on it and…if need me, check my mail and whatnot. Well, it was over. I wanted an iPad. I still do not have an iPad, because I am a poor graduate student. But thanks to the Kindle, I do   want one. Donations welcome.

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