I could have skipped just about every news story of the last few months and still confidently said that I was doing my best to run this blog in the midst of an otherwise hectic moment in my life. However, I would be truly derelict if I did not bring to your attention the story of Tacocopter.

Basically, you order tacos through an app on your smartphone and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle delivers tacos directly to you wherever you stand based on the GPS locator in your phone. BAM! And just like that the temperature is turned up in the Frog in Tepid Water story that ends in Skynet.

In all seriousness, commercial drone use is a pretty controversial topic and one worthy of all our attention. HuffPo’s Jason Gilbert quotes  Star Simpson, one of Tacocopter’s three cofounders:

“Current U.S. FAA regulations prevent … using UAVs [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, like drones] for commercial purposes at the moment,” Simpson said over Gchat. “Honestly I think it’s not totally unreasonable to regulate something as potentially dangerous as having flying robots slinging tacos over people’s heads … [O]n the other hand, it’s a little bit ironic that that’s the case in a country where you can be killed by drone with no judicial review.”

Simpson isn’t at all incorrect to point to the irony here. Recent legislation is going to make commercial drone use a severely annoying and Constitutionally uncertain future. But as long as our civil rights are going to be undermined by the specter of perpetual surveillance, the least the government could do is let one or two of these things bring us some delicious tacos.

[h/t Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution]

PS: You know what I’m really bad at? Spelling “copter.” My brain insists it’s coptOR. Dunno why.