Visualizing the Collapsing Eurozone

This isn’t narrowly about political science or “governance” which are key themes of this blog, but it is about the broader political economy. It’s also about the Eurozone which in part, because it generated articles and blogs with headlines like “Greece’s new technocrats must win legitimacy,” “We are all technocrats now” and “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!…It’s Technocratic Government!” served as inspiration for this blog’s title. But most importantly it’s about visualization, its goals, its methods, and its effects, which is something I hope to spend a lot more time learning how to do in the next few years.

So check out The New York Times‘ visualization of the complicated Eurozone crisis (print version below; nice interactive version at the NYTimes website)

Then check out the BBC’s very savvy circular model which I adore.

Then check out the comments at The Why Axis where I ran across both vizs.

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